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The HMT Rohna Attack

It’s time to tell the truth

WWII - Hitler’s secret weapon attack resulted in the greatest loss of life at sea by enemy action in the history of US war. The War Department classified the HMT Rohna attack that killed 1,015 US soldiers. Survivors were ordered to remain silent in a scandal that left a thousand soldiers at the bottom of the sea while their Gold Star families searched for answers. Fifty years later, one survivor decided it was time to tell the truth.

41 families of the Rohna casualties have been located.

If you are the next-of-kin of a Rohna casualty or survivor, please help us locate the families of all the Rohna heroes. Our research team is attempting to gather information about every person who was on the Rohna the day of the attack including survivors, Red Cross and crew. CLICK HERE to visit our CASUALTY SEARCH page.

A list of the casualties from the Rohna attack that include the soldier’s hometown and state.

Rohna: Classified supports community events honoring the forgotten heroes and survivors.

The Rohna story is packed with interesting educational factors that will engage students.