Michael Walsh, author and co-producer of Rohna: Classified wrote two books, Rohna Memories and Rohna Memories II. In 2001 Walsh accompanied his step-father to Tucson, Arizona to attend his first Rohna reunion. It was there that he met survivors of the Rohna attack and interviewed them. He filmed their accounts of the historic day that the Rohna was attacked and put those memories of the survivors into words in a two-volume series. Each man told his own story in full. Until now, only short quotes had been used in books and articles about the Rohna. Hours and hours of interviews were transcribed. These eyewitness stories became the bulk of the book. Soon, people were sending their stories to Walsh; some were first-hand, some were from loved ones. There were photos, diagrams, maps, and letters handwritten by survivors. Soon he had a mountain of information. These books are a compilation of those materials.

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Warriors and Wizards author Martin Bollinger is featured in Rohna: Classified. He shares his knowledge and research into the Hs-293 radio-guided missile that sunk the HMT Rohna.In August 1943, the Luftwaffe began using radio-controlled anti-ship glide bombs and within weeks they had sunk one battleship, crippled another, wrecked two cruisers, and destroyed numerous merchant ships. Yet, a year later the Germans abandoned their use, defeated by scientists who developed electronic systems to jam the radio links that guided the bombs. Drawing on a wealth of new sources, Martin Bollinger examines what happened from both a historical and technological perspective and lays out a mission-by-mission analysis of effectiveness. Based on interviews with participants, intelligence documents, and archival records in four countries, his book chronicles the yearlong battle between the Allied seamen (the warriors) and the scientists (the wizards) for a story of courage, technical achievement, and sacrifice. Click here to see more about this book.

More than one thousand American soldiers were killed on 26 November 1943 when the British troopship Rohna was hit by a German guided bomb in the Mediterranean - the greatest single loss of American lives at sea in World War II and one of the worst tragedies in maritime history. At the time, the disaster was kept secret for security purposes, but even after the war little information was given out. Now Carlton Jackson tells the story in full for the first time. To accurately reconstruct this little-known tragedy, Jackson studied official Allied and German reports and countless documents in archives here and abroad, as well as tracking down survivors and the Luftwaffe pilot involved. He gives a detailed account of the air attack on the Rohna, part of a convoy headed east through the Mediterranean. The only ship to take a direct hit, the Rohna sank quickly, killing 1,149 people. A lucky few were rescued, their lives forever changed by the dramatic chain of events so ably chronicled in this book. Jackson's mesmerizing account of the attack and rescue is a valuable contribution to World War II literature and to the history of the sea. Click here to order this book.

THE ROHNA DISASTER, WORLD WAR II'S SECRET TRAGEDY is about this disastrous, yet virtually unknown, at-sea incident during World War II. It is important that history be chronicled, and that this story, an important part of our history, be told, heard, taught and remembered. It is also important that those who played roles in this incredible drama, the survivors, rescuers and casualties, be given their due honor and recognition, and that the families of those who perished, who have a right to know what happened to their loved ones, be given an opportunity to learn that truth. This book was written for those reasons.

On November 26, 1943, the United States suffered its greatest loss at sea in history when the HMT ROHNA was sunk by a guided missile launched from a German bomber over the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of North Africa. Within an hour after being struck, the ship burned, flooded and sank. Before dawn the next morning, one thousand and fifteen American troops perished. Click here to order this book.